15 reasons to date an estate agent

By | November 13, 2021

Are you currently sick and tired of continuous viewings and able to move into a relationship? We asked all of our buddies at Foxtons to generally share 15 factors why you should consider online dating an estate agent

1. They truly are expert city guides

Estate agents’ local understanding is actually second to none, in order to trust they will know all top bars, restaurants, secret picnic places etc.

2. They constantly make the very first impression

Meeting new people always implies they’re sure to end up being a big hit when you introduce them to your family and friends.

3. They’ve the interior track in the property market

They know all the up-and-coming areas and homes which can make ideal investments. Therefore, if you wind up transferring together, it will be into a fantastic house

4. They truly are normal homemakers

Estate agents know very well what can make a home a house.

5. Obtained an excellent sense of direction

Every house agent is a specialized at navigating the metropolis roadways – plus they know-all ideal shortcuts!

6. They will be a hit at meal parties

After all, whonot want understand the latest property industry gossip?

7. You will acquire loads of useful friends

From solicitors to home loans, you might never end up being small on complimentary guidance from the professionals.

8. They’re trained negotiators

So any arguments should be solved quickly and calmly. They will also haggle to get the best bargain wherever you decide to go!

9. They truly are always on time

Estate representatives never skip a scheduled appointment thus you should not expect these to turn-up fashionably late to your dates.

10. They never ever shed their own keys

So you will never end up being dragged-out of sleep so that all of them in.

11. They are going to always phone you

Estate agents understand incredible importance of fantastic communication, so they really’ll never make you dangling, waiting for that text or telephone call.

12. They may be fantastic listeners

Estate agencies must be capable ask the best questions and extremely tune in to the responses, so they can fit people who have their own perfect property.

13. They truly are machine experts

Trust them to know their own Bosch off their Beko. Your residence will be kitted making use of greatest technology assuming everything goes wrong, estate agents learn their own method around boilers and fuse cartons.

14. They love a clear house

Dirty houses never offer! Having experienced a huge selection of cleaning examinations, estate agents tend to be sticklers for cleanliness.

15. They are aware about the greatest schools and catchment areas

Just if perhaps!

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